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Apple, AI and The PGA LIV Merger, Ep. #181

June 08, 2023 Mark Tepper
The Capitalist Investor
Apple, AI and The PGA LIV Merger, Ep. #181
Show Notes

In this week's episode of The Capitalist Investor, the hosts discuss various topics, including the recent announcement of Apple's new augmented reality headset, which lets users operate apps through hand gestures. While the hosts are skeptical about the product's high price point and clunky design, they acknowledge that this is just the first generation of the technology and that it will likely improve over time. They also discuss the potential implications of this technology, such as the possibility of replacing personal computers.
 The hosts briefly touch on other topics, such as text message scams, the recent scandal surrounding the app Liv, and the surge in spam text financial loss from scams. The hosts advise listeners to delete any messages from unknown senders or report them as junk.
 The hosts delve into the recent merger between the PGA Tour and Live Golf, which began with Phil Mickelson's criticism of the PGA Tour for not giving players their fair share of the earnings. The hosts discuss the potential benefits of the merger for the entertainment value of golf, but also express concerns about the Saudi investment fund's involvement in LIV Tour, with rumors of human rights violations and funding of 9/11. The hosts speculate on the fallout from the merger, including the possibility of hush money or the creation of a new league by disgruntled PGA Tour players.
 Overall, the hosts remain optimistic about the future of technology and its potential to revolutionize various industries, including golf. They advise listeners to stay tuned for updates on the PGA Tour and LIV Golf merger.


| 0:00:02 | Introduction and overview of topics to be discussed: Apple Headset, text message scams, and live golf |
 | 0:02:29 | Discussion of the Apple Headset announcement, its features, and market reaction |
 | 0:04:23 | Speculation on the future of wearable technology, including contact lenses |
 | 0:05:37 | Battery life concerns for the Apple Headset |
 | 0:06:23 | Personal opinions on upgrading phones and the hassle it entails |
 | 0:08:48 | Americans experiencing surge in spam text financial loss from scams is higher than ever |
 | 0:09:38 | Tips on dealing with spam text messages and the potential dangers of AI-created scams |
 | 0:11:03 | Discussion of the merger between the PGA Tour and Live Golf |
 | 0:12:20 | Speculation on how the news of the merger was leaked and the announcement by the PGA Tour commissioner and the PIF representative |
 | 0:12:46 | Discussion of the Saudi crown prince's public investment fund and its involvement in Live Golf |
 | 0:13:19 | Contract and salary details for Live Golf players and the fallout from the merger |
 | 0:19:52 | Discussion on how the PGA Tour is taking a cash infusion from the PIF instead of giving it directly to the players. The original reason for the merger was to reshape the PGA for the betterment of the player. Fallout from the merger and the potential for a boycott. |
 | 0:25:37 | Recap and conclusion of the podcast. |